During many years EuroEgg & Business AB has collected statistics and made forecasts for the Swedish egg sector at the request of the Swedish Egg and Poultry Association.

The original language is Swedish, but on this Website we present an English translation of the most common words for headings, charts and tables. Also note that all the flaps are in English as well as the Quick navigation bar.

My present request now is to conclude up to December 2005. Therefore, there are no figures or estimates concerning the development from January 2006 and onwards.

After 40 years nationally and 35 years internationally from this report I am ending my commission to the Swedish Egg and Poultry Association.

I have held many of the positions and commissions of trust you can
obtain. Through the years I have met many interesting people. Many
have become my personal friends.

I want to thank all of you I have met in one or another way for your cooperation and contact through the years. I have many pleasant memories.

The Swedish data up to December 2005 concerning the International Egg
Commission Market Review No 73/74: Situation and Outlook Report,
April/May 2006 are in English under the heading "International" of the

The updating was made 10 May 2006.

Looking forward seeing many of you in Guadalajara, Mexico for the IEC Conference.


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