This page is for you as a user of EuroEgg & Business ABs Website. You are
always welcome to ask questions by mail. Send a mail to
and I will try to answer you as soon as possible.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ):

Why are some flaps white and some grey?
The flap which is white shows that you currently are in the subject area which is shown
on the flap. A grey flap shows which subject areas you can go to. If you press a grey
button the flap turns white and all available information on that area will be shown.
Please notice that there sometimes are several subheadings under a flap.

How is the structure of the Website, are there a simple Sitemap?
Yes, to make it easier for you as a user we have constructed a so called Sitemap
which shows how the Website is built. Press the button Sitemap.

What about changing headings?
There are two ways:
1. Press the flap and you will come to the wanted heading.
2. To quickly reach subheadings it is very easy to use the Quick navigation button.
Press the Quick navigation button and choose the page you want.

I was hit by an egg when I opened the Website. Is this a frequent problem which
several of your users have been experienced?

No, we have not got any such reports but we are working on making the Website more
interactive so you can never be safe.


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